Hexacell has a varied line of hive types for the production of doors, partitions, tamburato panels in the furniture sector, automotive line and other applications.
The products have great versatility, providing new application possibilities in the most diverse segments.
With great dimensional stability and guaranteed resistance, the use of the hive allows a minimum effort of the hardware necessary for the assembly and operation of the products in which it is used.
In addition to having a low cost, Colmeia products are 100% recyclable and respect all environmental laws.

desenho técnico colmeia de papel

If the product you intend to manufacture is cold pressed, the recommended hive is the “conventional hive”. Now, if the product to be manufactured is hot pressed (with temperatures of up to 95ºC), the hives indicated are “hives with holes or ventilation channels”, so that the gases that form due to the applied temperature are eliminated from the interior. of each honeycomb in the hive, preventing the panel from warping. It is essential that the frame has some type of exhaust for the gases.

It depends on the intended resistance of your product. As a rule, the smaller the Honeycomb (Defined by the letter “F” in the diagram above) the greater the resistance to compression. The hive openings are defined by the table below, helping in the decision of which is the best structure for application in your product. We have an internal laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring control of the resistance pattern. This is of fundamental importance, because, in addition to helping to define the type of hive, it also guides the pressure limit at which your equipment can operate.

Measurements in mm
compression stress
3/8″ aperture
1/2″ opening
3/4″ aperture
1″ aperture
2″ aperture

The thickness of the hive in our process is very rigorous, it can vary from 0.2 mm more to 0.2 mm less than the nominal measurement” shown by the letter “E” in the diagram above. The “nominal measure” is the one that corresponds to the thickness of the frame where, generally, the hive is or will be applied. For you to have a good quality panel, it is also necessary that the frame or the frames, whether made of wood (pine, eucalyptus, MDF, HDF) or other materials, also respect the measurements with their tolerances. Problems are common, and almost inevitable, when frame thickness measurements are not respected.

The length and width of the piece are made according to the need. We have the possibility of manufacturing a continuous hive with or without ventilation in all openings due to our state-of-the-art manufacturing process. This continuous process is suitable for large-scale production with an automated expansion process.