Structured Board

There are several in-line and custom thickness options, with the possibility of filling in differentiated internal structures of hives, varying according to need. They offer several application options being used as separators, protection, parts cradle, structural fillings among other possibilities of use.

The “honeycomb” boards are produced with an internal filling of paper developed especially for the construction of the internal core in a beehive format, thus obtaining a significant gain in terms of resistance to compression.

The specifications of the “honeycomb” boards produced by Hexacell respect the following classification:

Productinternal core
Core Paper
cover paper
Maximum dimension
Minimum dimension
3/4″10 to 76.23Core 160100 / 180 / Kraft3000×1200200×50

The plates are coated with engineering paper developed especially for this application, operating with three specifications, 100gr and 180gr cover paper or with Kraft cover with high resistance to impacts and bonding for specific applications, both in high grammage with surface treatment for less moisture absorption.

The thicknesses we adopt as standard are 12mm / 18mm / 25mm / 30mm and 50mm. We are able to operate in any thickness respecting the variation from 10mm to 76.2mm, depending only on a minimum quantity for production.

The types of paper used in the composition of the plates come from a recycling process 100%, the glues we use are organic glues, making the material ecologically correct, therefore 100% recyclable.

  • Internal filling of doors, partitions and furniture.
  • Commodity dividers.
  • Protection, locking and packaging of parts.
  • Construction.
  • Other applications in general.
  • Best combination between lightness and resistance.
  • Lower operating cost for the customer.
  • Production rationalization.
  • Reduction in glue consumption for filler applications.
  • They are 100% recyclable.
  • Logistical cost reduction for weight freight.
  • Ideal product for replacing wooden battens used as padding.
PDF file with technical specifications

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