Packaging and Pallets

The solutions in packaging and structured pallets are manufactured with the most appropriate construction technology, meeting the needs of the most demanding markets. Allows the replacement of packaging and wooden pallets, as they are extremely resistant and with several gains in the process. Our packages have a wide range of applications and we are fully capable of operating with special projects that adapt to your needs.

“Hexacell” packaging and pallets are produced with paper filling, specially developed for the construction of the core in a beehive format, thus obtaining a significant gain in terms of resistance to compression. The specifications of the packaging and pallets produced have an internal structure with an opening of ½” and 3/8” reaching resistance of up to 5 ton/m².

The hives are coated with engineering paper developed especially for this application, the packaging and pallets have a maximum variation of 5mm more or less.

This product has high resistance to compression, protecting your product as much as possible, it can be structured with paper corners, so that we have column resistance, making us stackable.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The number and position of the angle brackets may vary according to the product to be packaged and the weight capacity it must support, taking into account the issue of stacking.

The packaging can be supplied with structured feet to move it, following the needs of each project.

  • Packaging and pallet ideas for replacing wood
  • It can be used for packaging the most varied products.
  • Best combination between lightness and resistance.
  • Logistical cost reduction for weight freight.
  • Customized size as per load dimensions.
  • No fumigation and incineration fees at destination.
  • They can be waterproofed with biodegradable products.
  • Greater protection for your product.
  • Resistant to side and vertical impacts.
  • Does not harm the appearance of your product.
  • They are 100% recyclable.