angle brackets

The Hexacell paper corners are made of multi-laminated paper joined using vegetable glue, being 100% recyclable and ecological. They are packaging accessories used to improve the aesthetic characteristics and resistance of the load, contributing to a safe and fault-free transport to the final destination.

Recyclable, lightweight, biodegradable, resistant product.

  • Increases the resistance and stabilization of the pallets
  • Straight angle protects fragile, flat surfaces
  • Facilitates tying the set with bow tape without damaging the products
  • Decreases costs with replacement of damaged goods
  • Prevents moisture in contact between the stretch and the material
  • Economy: With the use of angle brackets, less stretch film is needed to stabilize the pallet.
  • Standardization: Enables packaging with quality and better presentation for the end customer.
  • Allows the assembly of structure to protect parts with safety and lightness.
  • Equal tabs 40×40, 45×45, 50×50, 60×60 and 80×80

    See conditions for:
    – Printed and colored corners
    – Measurements with uneven flaps
    – Special thicknesses

Presentation in PDF of Hexacell Angles
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PDF file with technical specifications

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